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Metal Air Filters

Metal Filters and Frames are available in a various metal fabrications and constructions. Most items are available in Galvanized Aluminum, Galvanized Steel and Stainless Steel. Filters can be used in both HVAC applications as well as for Kitchen Grease collection. Some frames are designed to hold disposable filter pads while other frames are designed to construct filter banks on site.

Washable Mesh Filter Washable Mesh Filters Available in Galvanized Aluminum, Galvanized Steel and Stainless Steel washable mesh filters are designed for use in HVAC applications. Carbon Filter are also available.
Baffled Grease Filter Baffled Grease Filters are designed for use in grill hoods to remove grease and reduce fire hazards! They clean quickly and easily. The Baffled filter is available in Aluminum, Galvanized or Stainless Steel constructions.
Filter Frames Pad Filter Frame Permanent galvanized aluminum Filter Frames are designed to hold synthetic or fiberglass filter pads in HVAC systems. It includes an expanded mesh retainer backing on downstream side and cloverleaf door on upstream side.
Filter Banks Filter Bank Frames 16 gauge metal construction with pre-drilled holes for assembly into filter banks. Use standard 2", 3" and 4" depth frames with P-clips to handle filter depths from 1" to 12".