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Medium Efficiency Air Filters

Medium Efficiency Filters are those stand-alone filters that are used where high efficiency filters are not demanded. Generally they do not require a prefilter.

Automatic Roll Filter Automatic Roll Filters Auto Rolls as they are more commonly called are wound rolls of Fiberglass or Polyester filter media designed to fit without adaptors in existing proprietary mechanical housings. Each manufacturer has a unique core or spool that does not permit substitution of one manufacturer's core for the core of another manufacturer.
Cap and Flo Filter Cap and Flow Filters Both filters are collapsible cartridges designed for use in existing permanent basket retainers. The Cap is available in one or two ply polyester while the Flo is available in 45% Fiberglass.
Roll_Media.jpg Polyester Cube Filters Available in two or three pocket versions, the 440 features a self-sealing wire gasket and dual-ply filter media.
Wire_Panel.jpg Fold Filter The Fold is a collapsible medium efficiency cartridge designed for use in an existing wire cage. The Fold is available in efficiencies from 25% to 95% by ASHRAE 52-76.