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Final Air Filters

Final filters are designed to remove very fine particles from the air stream. They can range from 65% Bag filters up through 99.99999% ULPA & HEPA filters. While lower efficiency filters are designed to keep the HVAC system clean and operating efficiently, final filters are designed to remove specific sized particles from the air stream for health or design reasons. Higher efficiency filter are often used in applications that require a specified degree of cleanliness for either a medical or manufacturing process.   

Bag Filter Bag Filters Bag filters are available in efficiencies from 30% through 95%. There depths can range from 12" to 36" (often determined by the available space in the air handler. The amount or media (number of pockets) also may vary according to application.
Rigid Filter Rigid filters are available in efficiencies from 40% through 95%. They are available in 6" and 12" depths with or without a 7/8" header. Frame is 26 gauge galvanized steel with pleat separators.
HEPA Filter The HEPA filter is available in 95%, 99.97%and 99.99% DOP efficiencies. Frames are particleboard or 16 galvanized metal with double turned flange.
Ashrae Cell The ASHRAE Cell (or Rigid Cell) Filter is available in 65%, 85% and 95% efficiency. Available in Class I, Class II, High Capacity and Gas Turbine configurations.
Mini-pleat Air Filter The Mini-Pleat II filter is a compact rigid filter available in 65%, 85% and 95% efficiencies. The Mini-Pleat II has a sturdy moisture resistant double die-cut frame.
HEPA Hood Air Filter The HEPA Terminal Hood is a ducted module designed for use in a standard T-Bar ceiling. The Terminal Hood is available with 2" or 4" filter pack. It is also available in a fan-powered unit.
Super Flo V The Super Flow is a high capacity, low resistance, rigid mini-pleat V-bank filter. The Super Flow is made in 75%, 85%, 95% 98% efficiencies as well as 95% DOP efficiency.