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Which Filter and Why?

Although some companies sell HVAC filters as a commodity item we do not. The correct choice of filters will determine not only the quality of the air in your building but also the efficiency of your heating and cooling system. Often times upgrading to a higher efficiency filter will result in cleaner coils and higher operating efficiencies that easily offset the nominal additional cost. With today's high volatile energy costs this is more important than ever!

Just as we do not offer an automated answering system when you phone us we do not offer an on line shopping cart for purchases. Rather we ask for detailed information on your needs and quote each of your requirements personally. We do not share information you provide. The information we request is only used to assure you receive the best filter for your particular application. So call our toll free number 800-464-0896 for immediate service or e-mail at us for an answer within one business day.

Find our specific product page below to find the air filter type that you require: